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77,130 Visitors Over Three Days Show

The International Modern Hospital Show 2011 was organized by Japan Hospital Association (Chairman Tsuneo Sakai) and Nippon Omni-Management Association (Chairman Yuzaburo Mogi). This annual event was held from July 13th (Wed) at halls 4, 5 and 6 of East Exhibition Wing at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) in Ariake. The exhibition theme was "Let Life Shine! Health,Medical Care,and Welfare for building a better future". The three-day event ended successfully on July 15th (Friday).
The number of visitors at the International Modern Hospital Show 2011 was 77,130 people.

Outline of show attendance per day along with weather conditions

Date Visitors Weather
July 13 (Wed) 16,100 Sunny
July 14 (Thu) 29,300 Sunny
July 15 (Fri) 31,640 Sunny
Total 77,130 -

<Opening Ceremony>

At the opening ceremony, Tsuneo Sakai, Chairman of Japan Hospital Association, and Eiji Matsuyama, President of Nippon Omni-Management Association delivered greetings on behalf of the organizers. Congratulatory messages to VIP guests were conveyed also by Yukimasa Shinoda, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Minister's Secretariat official, and by Midori Matsuzuki, Permanent Director of Japanese Nursing Association. On behalf of the exhibitors, all guests were addressed by Satoshi Horiike, President of Kerun Co. Ltd. Modern Hospital Show Organizing Committee Chairman Hisashi Ohmichi delivered greetings as well.

<Exhibition outline>

This year's Hospital Show hosted 303 exhibiting companies, and was held over a scale of approximately 6,800 m2 (an overall venue area of 26,000 m2).

The show floor was composed of six zones: "Medical Instrument & Hospital Environment Equipment Zone", "Medical Information System Zone", "Nursing Zone", "Nursing Care & Rehabilitation Zone", "Medical Check-up & Health Care Zone", and "Institution Management Support & Services Zone".

In addition, the sponsor established "Patient Service Section", "Acute Phase Hospital Development Support Section", "Nurse & Medical Uniform Section", and "Medical Security Solution Section".
The 6 zones and 4 Sections drew visitors' attention.

This year,8 companies exhibited from China and 1 company from Taiwan also participated as exhibitors; they exhibited various medical materials such as plastic gloves, blood drawing pipes, medical masks, surgery gowns, vital signs monitors, etc.


Medical equipments, products and systems related to rehabilitation in nursing (including those for elderly people), medical information services and hospital / facility management support related products and services were exhibited and demonstrated.

In the medical equipment category the following products were exhibited: various testers, medical hygiene materiasl, operation lights, AEDs (automated external defibrillators), image display monitors for operating rooms, sterilization devices for endoscope washing, and infection waste processing containers, etc were introduced.

In the outpatient category, the following products were exhibited: reception information systems, medical expense automatic operation adjustment machines, outpatient inducement systems, In-hospital indication signature systems.

In the nursing category, visitors could find nurse call buttons, bed sensors, etc. In addition, a nursing carts, and patient misconception prevention systems. In particular, 8 companies participated in the "Nurse & Medical Attire Corner", and various wears were exhibited.

In the homecare and rehabilitation category, the exhibitors introduced various bathing devices, wheelchairs, care beds, and various lifts for rehabilitation.

In the hospital ward category, exhibits included medical treatment materials, cabinets for wards, bed-side information terminals, air cleaners, and warm and cool serving meal serving cars.

In the drugstore category, exhibits included prescription reception systems, integrated pharmaceutical products synthesis distribution systems, generic drug product simulation systems, medication carts, and composition drugstore duties unification support systems.

This year, in the medical information system category, a lot of electronic patient record systems were exhibited this time and a lot of medical imaging system, PACS, DICOM were exhibited, too and was demonstrated. Exhibition visitors paid special attention to the cloud computing systems for hospital use, as well as to the tablet type terminal systems, image reading systems for cell-phone medical care, mobile devices for health care, patient authentication systems, and finger vein authentication systems.

In the hospital / facility operations and support / services category, exhibitors introduced energy-saving services, LED lights, in-hospital safety mirrors, anti-disaster measures use machine to prepare the water into, and proposed interior designs, exterior designs,plans and layouts for elderly for house for elderly people and clinics.

A great number of exhibited products attracted visitors' attention.

<Special Exhibits>

This year's organizers' project was named "Improvements for future patient services". This corner was comprised of "Information sharing / patient learning support", "Communication support", "Patient backup with the help of family support", and "Hospitalization and release support / medical treatment environment improvement".

This year, the popular spot exhibition was developed under the theme "ICT solution aiming at further cooperation". The sponsor displayed a lot of tablet type terminals and demonstrated a lot of utilization examples which attracted visitors' attention.

As a special event, the 4th edition of "Nurses' Invention Awards" took place. The award ceremony was held at the exhibition hall, and five works were introduced by their inventors. This project is searching every year for various improvements and gadgets invented by people who work in the field of nursing care.

Following the Great East Japan Earthquake that happened in March, the organizer created a special area for Proposals for Information and Communication System Supports at Times of Disasters.

<Conferences and Seminars>

The Opening Session held on July 13th featured a presentation by Tsuneo Sakai, Chairman of the Japan Hospital Association, entitled "Medical reproduction after the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster". The venue was packed to its maximum capacity with very interested attendees.

On the same day, the symposium held under the title "Revival from a large earthquake disaster! Medical care demanded on site" and the public symposium, "Quality improvement of hospital medical care through the synergy of multi-occupation professionals on the job" hosted by the Japan Hospital Association, also took place and was largely attended.

On July 14th, the Topic Session entitled "The effective and good use of tablet terminal equipments supporting healthcare settings" was a great success.

On July 15th, an IT forum entitled "The Install, Update and Data Utilization of the Electronic Medical Records" was held. There was a large audience paying eager attention to the lecture. Also, a hospital management forum entitled "The future of the distribution service in the hospital" was attended by a very interested and eager audience.
A nursing session and the special session were carried out too.

In addition, in order to add, further explain and effectively promote new products, new techniques and services presented at each exhibitor booths, "Exhibitors' Presentation Seminars", and various presentation stages within special exhibits and exhibition corners were held. All sessions proved to be very popular.

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