NTERNATIONAL MODERN HOSPITAL SHOW2012 The Most Comprehensive Hospital/Medicine Trade Show in Japan

News Release

81,550 Visitors Over Three Days Show

The International Modern Hospital Show 2012 was organized by Japan Hospital Association (Chairman Tsuneo Sakai) and Nippon Omni-Management Association (Chairman Yuzaburo Mogi). This annual event was held from July 18th (Wed) at halls 1, 2 and 3 of East Exhibition Wing at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) in Ariake. The exhibition theme was “Let Life Shine! Health, Medical Care, and Welfare for building a better future”. The three-day event ended successfully on July 20th (Friday).
The number of visitors at the International Modern Hospital Show 2012 was 81,550 people.

Outline of show attendance per day along with weather conditions
Date Visitors Weather
July 18 (Wed) 23,510 Sunny
July 19 (Thu) 28,980 Sunny
July 20 (Fri) 29,060 Cloudy followed by rain
Total 81,550

<Opening Ceremony>
At the opening ceremony, Masahiko Takahashi, Vice Presidents of Japan Hospital Association, and Eiji Matsuyama, President of Nippon Omni-Management Association delivered greetings on behalf of the organizers. The congratulatory address from VIP guests were conveyed by Takeshi Karasawa, Minister's Secretariat commissioner for the Ministery of Health, Labour and Welfare, Yoshitake Yokokura, President of Japan Medical Association, and Suga Sakamoto, President of Japanese Nursing Association. Otomo Katsuhiko, Representative Director managing director and Marketing director-general of Panasonic Health Care Co., Ltd., greeted representing exhibitors. Modern Hospital Show Organizing Committee Chairman Hisashi Ohmichi delivered greetings as well.

<Exhibition outline>
This year's Hospital Show hosted 317 exhibiting companies, was held over a scale of approximately 7,000m2 (an overall venue area of 26,000m2), and used the 1st, 2nd and 3rd hall of the Tokyo Big Sight east exhibition building.
The show floor was composed of six zones: “Medical Instrument & Hospital Environment Equipment Zone”, “Nursing Zone”, “Medical Check-up & Health Care Zone”, “Nursing Care & Rehabilitation Zone”, “Institution Management Support & Services Zone”, and “Medical Information System Zone”.
In addition, the organizer established “Medical Cooperation & Secure Systems Section”, “Medical Image Solution Section”, “Acute Phase Medical Support Section”, “ Medical Continuity & Environment Protect Solution Section”, and “Medical Garment Section”.
The exhibits and presentations conformed well with each theme were, and the show attracted visitor's attention.

This year, 11 companies exhibited from China and 1 company from Malaysia also participated as exhibitors; they exhibited various medical materials such as ultrasonic diagnostic equipment which became touch panel and system, needle electrode, gelling surface electrode, syringe, catheter, swab, tongue blade, hospital infection protective clothes, the drape for an operation, the trail tarp for bed mats, various gloves, a mask, etc.

Medical equipment, products and systems related to rehabilitation in nursing (including those for elderly people), medical information services and hospital / facility management support related products and services were exhibited and demonstrated.
In the medical equipment category the following products were exhibited: electrocardiograph, blood-pressure pulse wave inspection apparatus, medical hygiene materials, shadowless lamps, operation needles recovery machine , AEDs (automated external defibrillators), sterilization devices for endoscope washing, infection waste processing containers, etc.
In the outpatient category, the following products were exhibited: reception information systems, medical expense automatic operation adjustment machines, outpatient guidance systems, a printing system which builds the mug shot patient's registration card for an outpatient check.
In the nursing category, visitors found nurse call system, bed sensors, wristbands, battery loaded nursing carts, patient misconception prevention system, and various soluions for staff station. In particular, 8 companies participated in the special corner “Medical Garment Section”, and various wears were exhibited. In the homecare and rehabilitation category, the exhibitors introduced various bathing devices, low-frequency massage devices, electric wheelchairs, care beds, various lifts for rehabilitation, wandering detector system, etc.
In the hospital ward category, exhibits included cabinets for wards, bed-side information terminals, electronic white board system, air cleaners, warm and cool meal serving carts, OA equipment for hospitals, such as an antibacterial mouse.
In the drugstore category, exhibits included prescription reception systems, carts for giving medicine and injection, mix injection auditing system, and Real-time medicine management equipment.
In the medical check-up and health care category, exhibits included automatic blood collecting pipe preparation system, medical examination managerial system, noncontact intravenous visualization equipment, RFID sample information management system, and health check-up system which can perform receptionist and settlement of accounts using a ticket machine.
In the hospital / facility operations and support / services category, exhibitors introduced exhibition which proposes installation of convenience stores, cafe space, and also kid's space inside hospitals. Further, energy-saving services, cleaning management service, anti-earthquake-procedures tools, and sunlight tailing motor drive loading power generation panel unit.
This year, in the medical information system category, electronic medical recording systems were again displayed and demonstrated by many companies;under which next generation filmless systems, the operating room camera systems, surgery video & image recording and a sharing systems, medical picture managing systems, etc. were featured areas for many exhibitors.
Interlocking systems, such as Cloud compatible systems and tablet terminals for mobile terminals and hospitals, etc. attracted attention mostly. In particular, 24 companies participated in the special corner, “Medical Cooperation & Secure Systems Section”, and exhibition introduction of the newest technology was carried out abundantly, and the interest was attracted.In addition, 11 companies participated in the special corner “Medical Image Solution Section”, and especially, exhibition demonstration was carried out and about the same small ultrasonic diagnostic equipment as a cellular phone, the image display monitor solution for operating rooms, an LED back light loading medical picture display monitor, etc. attracted the interest. A great number of exhibited products attracted visitors' attention.

<Special Exhibits>
This year's organizers' project was named “ICT solution aiming at further cooperation”. The measure which goes to the future of each medical cooperation, such as cooperation with which the staff of many occupational descriptions constructs a team, and cooperation covering a wide area, was introduced. Many sights which listen attentively to a presenter's talk eagerly were caught.

This year, the popular spot exhibition was developed under the theme “Team Medical Treatment? A Measure from Ingestion”. Practices of NST (Nutrition Support Team), -and nutrition management, instruction, and support system were exhibited and introduced.

As a special event, the 5th edition of “Nurses' Invention Awards” took place. The award ceremony was held in the exhibition hall,morecover six works were exhibited and explanation was performed from those inventors. This project is searching every year for various improvements and gadgets invented by people who work in the field of nursing care.

<Conferences and Seminars>
The Opening Session held on July 18th featured a presentation by Masahiko Takahashi, Vice Presidents of the Japan Hospital Association, entitled “The present condition of hospital medical treatment and the figure which should exist are searched for”.
On the same day, the topic seminar under the title “About offer of the treatment information to the patient who utilized IT” and the public symposium, “It does what? Future Emergency Care!” hosted by the Japan Hospital Association, both became no vacancy, respectively and it was very popular.
On July 19th, the hospital management forum entitled “Whereabouts of the Japan type Medical care” and the symposium “Whereabouts of the Cooperation in the Area and a House Medical Treatment” was prosperous.
On July 20th, the IT forum was held. There was a large audience paying eager attention to the lecture. Furthermore, The Nursing Session and the Special Session were attended by a very interested and eager audience.

In addition, in order to add, further explain and effectively promote new products, new techniques and services presented at each exhibitor booths, “Exhibitors' Presentation Seminars”, and various presentation stages within special exhibits and exhibition corners were held. All sessions proved to be very popular.